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Welcome to Our Dedicated Page for Financial Advisors

We Contribute to Our Financial Advisors by Becoming A Valuable Member of Their Team

We become a valuable part of your team by advising and contributing in the following ways:

- Mortgage planning is an important part of each annual client review.

- We can provide after tax deduction interest rates.

- We can calculate to determine if either using invested funds or taking out a mortgage is better for purchasing a house or investment property. (It might make more sense to reinvest and get a mortgage)

- We can determine the break-even rate of return needed.

- We understand which components of purchasing a home are tax deductible.

We are not financial experts, and certainly do not give advice (that's the expert's job), but we are mortgage planning experts! Our understanding of how mortgage fits into the broader scope of financing allows us to take an in-depth look and contribute toward each client's financial plans by tailoring their mortgage to fit those needs. We work along side financial experts to help our clients make the most informed decisions.

If you are a financial advisor and are looking to add some more value to your services, contact us to inquire about how we work with advisors and their clients.

Ravi Selvaraj is a certified mortgage planning specialist.

We use CMPS which has a range of tools to help us work with financial planners. We are proud to be one of the few lenders who are certified mortgage planning specialists. Our goal is to add quality and value and ultimately contribute to each client's success.

If you have not seen our about page, take a look. We always strive to have the best service possible as well as the happiest clients.

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