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Welcome to Our Dedicated Page for Realtors

We Work with Real Estate Agents to Make the Purchasing Process Easier

The process of searching for a property, putting in bids and encountering setbacks can be difficult and frustrating. We can empathize, and even better, we can help alleviate some potential frustrations. Here is why real estate agents love working with us:

- We only issue 100% guaranteed pre-approvals. We put in the work to review borrower documents, so you don't have to worry about approval issues when buyers get into contract!

- We work as a part of your team and call the listing agents who received your offers to assure them that your buyer has the best offer on the table.

- We communicate to your clients directly every step of the way so they stay informed. No need for them to contact you and then you in turn try to contact the lender. We save you from extra and unnecessary steps.

- Your buyers are more confident and happier working with us because we provide top quality service and have the knowledge and tools to educate them on this important moment in life.

- We help you to stay in touch with your current and potential clients.

- We have many partnership and marketing opportunities available to enable you to serve more clients.

We do so much more for realtors. For more information about how we help you, call 510-557-8986

Ravi Selvaraj is a certified mortgage planning specialist.

We use CMPS which has a range of tools to help us work with financial planners. We are proud to be one of the few lenders who are certified mortgage planning specialists. Our goal is to add quality and value and ultimately contribute to each client's success.

If you have not seen our about page, take a look. We always strive to have the best service possible as well as the happiest clients.

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